9th Business Systems Laboratory International Symposium


Boon or Bane?

January 23-24, 2025



Via Monte Generoso 71

21100 - VARESE (ITALY)


Technology has unequivocally transformed the dynamics of our interactions, lifestyles, work environments, social connections, and business operations. Playing a pivotal role in society, technology continues to evolve, promising novel advancements that will reshape our lives and professional landscapes.

While technology facilitates seamless communication, information access, travel, idea-sharing, and knowledge creation, there is a growing apprehension about its potential adverse impacts on society in the future. Notably, concerns have arisen regarding the potential negative consequences of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. Additionally, the influence of social media on mental health and well-being, especially among younger generations, is a subject of heightened worry.

The societal effects of technology can be both beneficial and detrimental. Looking ahead, it becomes imperative to carefully consider the potential ramifications of emerging technological innovations and actively work towards mitigating any negative consequences while amplifying the positive outcomes. Ultimately, the responsibility lies with all of us to ensure that technology is harnessed for the collective benefit of society.

The BSLab Symposium 2025 endeavours to explore the positive and negative impacts of technology on society, aiming to chart a course for a more favourable future. Studying the impact of technology on society involves navigating a highly complex interplay of various realities, including individual cognition and affect, group dynamics, and societal structures. The symposium aims to engage in rigorous scientific discussions on the transformative effects of technology on society, seeking innovative approaches to address contemporary global economic and social challenges from systemic perspectives.


The event intends to illuminate the intricate interactions among natural, social, and economic systems, adopting a multidisciplinary perspective encompassing various fields such as management, economics, sociology, behavioural science, psychology, ethics, engineering, design, decision making and education, among others.

The Symposium is designed to create a friendly atmosphere among senior scholars, PhD students, researchers, and business practitioners.

While emphasizing a systemic methodology, the symposium remains open to diverse scientific approaches, aiming to facilitate constructive debates and exchanges that pave the way for new avenues in research and practice.

The language of the B.S.Lab Symposia is English.

The Symposium 2025 will be structured in discussion panels and poster sessions.

The Symposium will start on Thursday January 23 at 12,00 am and end on Friday January 24 at 19,00 pm.