International Symposium




January 24-25, 2013

Universitat de Valčncia - Facultat d'Economia
Avda. Tarongers, s/n. 46022 Valčncia, Spain

Panel 4 - Room 4

Friday, January 25: 9,30 am - 13,30 pm

Financial Systems and the Economic Crisis. Challenges and Solutions Proposals


Chair: Enzo Scannella - B.S.Lab

Assistant Professor of Banking and Finance - University of Palermo (Italy)


Scope of the Panel:

The Panel aims to discuss the cutting edge research and new paradigms in the field of Banking, Finance and Financial aspects of firms' governance.


Panel Program

- “Financial Crisis and the Changing Structure of Banking Firms and Industry” by Sebastiano Mazzů & Enzo Scannella, University of Catania and University of Palermo (Italy).

- “Exploring systemic solutions to the financial crisis: Mobilising knowledge through participatory systems mapping” by Michal Sedlacko, Chris Hewett and André Martinuzzi, Research Institute for Managing Sustainability, Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria) and The Finance Innovation Lab (UK).

Economic recession and preservation of firms’ value” by Pavel Marinič ŠKODA AUTO (Czech Republic).

- “Debt Sustainability, Financial Instability and the Global Economic Meltdown: The Nigerian Experience” by Godwin Chigozie Okpara, G.M. Enwere and Ikechukwu D. Nwaka, Abia State University (Nigeria) and Eastern Mediterranean University (Turkey).

- “Probability of default and probability of excellence, an inverse model of rating. One more tool to overcome the crisis: an empirical analysis” by Marco Muscettola & Francesco Naccarato, Banca Popolare di Milano and University of Padua (Italy).

- “New Challenges Beyond the Private Investment and Risk Evaluation” by Petr Pavlik, University of Economics (Czech Republic).

- “A comparative statistical analysis between the Italian local banks, the effects of the financial crisis on funding and credit policies” by Massimo Arnone & Antonio Fabio Forgione, University of Messina (Italy).

- “The Paradigm of Regulation of Financial Markets and Its Criticism” by Arnošt Böhm & Karina Mužáková, Technical University of Liberec (Czech Republic).

- “Current developments in risk culture in financial organizations in Germany” by Christin Richter, University of Riga (Germany).

- “Insurance activities governance through the global economic crisis” by Kuznetsova Natalia P. & Pisarenko Zhanna V., St. Petersburg State University (Russia).

- “The Analysis of Individual Customer Decisions on the Motor Insurance Market in Poland” by Marta Borda & Anna Jędrzychowska, Wroclaw University of Economics (Poland).

- “From regional democracy and representation to multinational banks in the global world. Financial effects of political regulation in the evolution of the Spanish banking sector” by Josč Rodolfo Hernandez-Carrion & David B. Ruiz Hall, University of Valencia (Spain).