International Symposium




January 24-25, 2013
Universitat de València - Facultat d'Economia
Avda. Tarongers, s/n. 46022 València, Spain

Panels 3A & 3B - Room 3

The Economic Perspectives of the Crisis. Systems Approaches to Overcome the New Challenges

Friday, January 25:

Section 3A: 9,30 am - 13,30 pm

SECTION 3B: 15,30 pm - 19,30 pm



Maurice Yolles - Centre for the Creation of Coherent Change & Knowledge (UK) - Section A


Josè Rodolfo Hernandez -Carriòn - Department of Applied Economics, University of Valencia- Section B


Scope of the TRack:

The panel track aims to discuss the cutting edge research in the fields of Strategic Management, Marketing and Business Management to higlight their impact on the economic crisis and to spot possible solutions to overcome the current situation.


PROGRAM SECTION 3A: 9, 30- 13;30 - CHAIR: Maurice Yolles

- “Exploring the Common Roots of Culture, Politics and Economics” by Maurice Yolles & Gerhard Fink, Centre for the Creation of Coherent Change and Knowledge (UK) and Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria).

- “Introducing behavioural economics: a paradigm shift” by Elior Kinarthy, Rio Hondo College, California (USA).

- “Four Mistakes Of The Political Economy In Spain: The Strange Case Of Unused Resources” by Francisco Parra Luna, Univ. Complutense de Madrid (Spain).

 - “Reconstructing Economics: Agent Based Models and Complexity” by Mauro Gallegati & Alan Kirman, Univ. Politecnica delle Marche (Italy) and Université, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (France).

 - “Air Transport Economics in the Context of World’s Crisis” by Katarzyna Wąsowska, Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanties (Poland).

- “Need of Innovative Approaches in Economic Cooperation in Post Crisis Period” by Ia Natsvlishvili, Tbilisi State University (Georgia).

- “Three Bridges.First Bridge: Structure of the Economy” by Harley Dean Meyer, Independent Scholar (USA).

- “Specific of Functioning of the World Market for Corporate Control After the Global Financial Crisis” by Moskvin Borys  Kyiv National Economic University "Vadym Hetman" (Ukraine).

- “The Euro Financial Crisis: Getting Out of the Mess” by James B. Rieley, Independent consultant and writer (UK).

 - “Ending Over-Lending: Overcoming the Failings of the Debt/GDP Metric by Applying the Debt to Cash Flow Ratio in Complex Systems Modeling” by Bruce A. Ramsay, Cascadia Monetary Research (Canada).

- “Adaptability and growth of socioeconomic systems” by Flavio Pinto Siabatto, Anselmo García Cantu Ros, Juergen Kropp, Linda Krummenauer, Katja Voigt, Camila Flórez Bossio, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (Germany).


PROGRAM SECTION 3B: 15, 30- 19;30 - CHAIR: Josè Rodolfo Hernandez -Carriòn

- “Fiscal Incentives Crisis Control and Prevention” by Edgars Brēķis, Ismena Revina and Arild Sæther, University of Latvia (Latvia) and University of Agder-Kristiansand (Norway).

- “The present crisis, a pattern” by Wim Grommen, Independent researcher (The Netherlands).

- “Business Competition as Complex System” by Fernando Buendía, Panamericana University (Mexico).

- “The decoupling of products from economic science” by Eva Waginger, Vienna University of Economics (Austria).

- “Economic Competitivity in Healthcare Safety Management by Biomedical Cybernetics ALS” by Giulia F. Santacroce, Ana Virginia Collini, Clelia Cesario and Rodolfo A. Fiorini, Politecnico di Milano (Italy).

- “Knowledge Management Asset Initiatives and Government Innovation: Theoretical Analysis of the Case of Kingdom of Bahrain” by Mohamed Buheji & Haitham Jahrami,  Bahrain Centre of Excellence and Ministry of Health  (Kingdom of Bahrain).

- “Policy Response of Brazilian Government to the 2008 Crisis: The Northeast Region Case” by Inez Silvia Batista Castro & João Bosco Monte, Universidade Federal do Cearà (UFC) and University of Fortaleza (UNIFOR) (Brazil).

- “The Increase of Competitiveness of Agriculture - Serbian Chance Under Conditions of Emerging From The Crisis” by Radovan Tomić, Dragica Tomić, Gordana Tomić, Denis Bugar and Aleksandra Tomić, Higher School of Professional Business Studies, Belgrade Business School and Faculty of Economics and Engineering Management (Serbia).

- “Evidence of Change in the Long Memory Property in Eastern European Countries: Time-Varying Hurst Exponents” by Seong-Min Yoon & Sang Hoon Kang Pusan National University (Korea).

- “Do Women Entrepreneurs Play A Role In Reducing Poverty? A Case in Kenya” by Sedina B. Misango & Orpha K. Ongiti, Africa Nazarene University and Business Development Consultant (Kenya).