International Symposium




January 24-25, 2013
Universitat de Val่ncia - Facultat d'Economia
Avda. Tarongers, s/n. 46022 Val่ncia, Spain

Panel 1 - Room 1

Friday, January 25: 9,30 am - 13,30 pm

Systems thinking in business science. a need for a paradigm  shift

Chair: Raul Espejo - WOSC

Director-General the World Organization for Systems and Cybernetics (WOSC)

Principal Researcher Syncho Ltd, UK

Visiting Professor University of Santiago, Chile


Scope of the Panel:

The Panel aims to discuss the cutting edge research in the field of Systems Science and Cybernetics applied to management of organizations.


Panel Program

- “Paradigm Change in the Systemic view” by Janos Korn, Independent Researcher (UK).

- “New Paradigm of Innovation Management based on Synergetic and Multifractal Approaches” by Rashid Zaynetdinov, Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (Russia).

- “Supercausality and complexity. Changing the rules in the study of causality” by Antonella Vannini & Ulisse Di Corpo, Syntropy (Italy).

- “Systems Thinking in Managing Technological Innovation in Organizations” by Timothy Oyedepo Oyebisi, African Institiute for Science Policy and Innovation (Nigeria).

- “Viable Systems Perspective and Consumer Culture Theory. A Conceptual Framework” by Gianpaolo Basile & Federica Palumbo, B.S.Lab (Italy).

- “Facing Critical Situations by Improved Holon-Based Event Flow” by Luca Pazzi, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy).

- “Leadership style and socio-organo complexity. Managing its effects” by Dimitris Antoniadis, University of West London (UK).

- “Paradigm-information, mimetism, the meme and the diffusion in the economic markets: a systemic-geometric model” by Massimo Magno, Gno.Sys (Italy).

- “Bureaucracy as an Agent of Innovation Development in Latvia” by Andris Ozols, Janis Eglitis and Elena Ozola, Daugavpils University and Ventspils University College (Latvia).

- “Systems Science and Biomedical Cybernetics for Healthcare Safety Management” by Giulia F. Santacroce & Rodolfo A. Fiorini, Politecnico di Milano (Italy).

- “The City as a Complex Dynamic System” by Fernando Buendํa, Panamericana University (Mexico).