Via Appia Pignatelli 62, 00178 Roma, Italy


Finance in time of crisis


Track Chair:

Enzo Scannella

University of Palermo (Italy)


The recent financial crisis has raised many questions about  financial strategies, financial tools, and business models. It has become imperative to move towards new practices in financial systems.

This track will mainly focus on papers addressing issues related to: business models of banking; management of financial institutions; financial intermediation and financial engineering; risk management; financial regulation; financial markets; financial services; financial stability; investments; insurance.



Friday 24 - Room "Emilia" - 14,30 pm- 19,00 pm

  • Lowering information asymmetry by business data sharing: a case of non-payment information sharing agency - Igor Perko & Franjo Mlinaric (University of Maribor, Slovenia);

  • The Solution for the Puzzle of Excessive International Reserves in Asian Emerging Market Economies - Young Bin Ahn (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China);

  • Demographic Risk and Its Impact on the Household Financial Decisions in Poland - Marta Borda & Patrycja Kowalczyk-Rólczyńska (Wroclaw University of Economics, Poland);

  • Viable Financing Sources to Corporate Organizations: the bad, the good and the ugly - Rasheed Adeniyi Oduwole (Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Nigeria);

  • Personal injuries from motor third party liability insurance and the minimum guarantee fund - Anna Jedrzychowska & Ewa Poprawska (Wroclaw University of Economics, Poland);

  • An Evaluation of Investor’s Preference with Stock Selection Strategies - Chanin Yooptech & Charuwan Laosumrit (Mahidol University International College, Thailand);