Business Systems Laboratory - 2nd International Symposium


Advancements in Economic and Managerial Theory and Practice

January 23-24, 2014
Universitas Mercatorum
Via Appia Pignatelli 62, 00178 Roma, Italy

Poster Sessions

Scientific coordinator

Giancarlo Scozzese
Perugia University for Foreigners (Italy)


During the Symposium there will be the possibility to display posters of scientific papers in the common areas and to answer the questions of attendees during the breaks.

[Please note: Poster presentations are not "secondary presentations". The Poster presentation will be considered for inclusion in CD-R of proceedings, evaluation for the best paper award and post conference publishing opportunities.]

There are 3 poster sessions (afternoon of the 23rd - morning of the 24th - afternoon of the 24th)

Guidelines for Preparing a Poster Presentation:

Presenters will interact with attendees while standing next to their Poster Presentation. Attendees at Poster Presentations will stroll by looking for topics of interest. Presenters need to attract attention with a good topic and a visually interesting presentation. Organization and clarity are critical. A poster presentation should attract people's interest as they walk by and then be easily reviewed to stimulate a one-to-one discussion with the presenters. The goal is to encourage informed discussion about your research. The poster should be easily readable from 1.5 meters (4 feet) away.


Support: Although we will provide you with tools (adhesive tape, etc.) for hanging your poster, it is recommended that you bring your own materials as a back up.

Format: There will also be other authors with their poster presentations in the gallery. For that reason, we encourage you to avoid exceeding the dimensions of a Din A0 (84 cm width and 120 cm high) and hang your posters vertically.


Type of letter, font and size: We recommend using the following font and font size: Type of font: Arial - Title: At least 36 points. - Headings: 30 points or more. - Text: At least 24 points.


Other recommendations: When choosing a background to frame your visual presentation, remember that neutral or greyish colours will be easier to see than a bright colour. Space your information proportionately. A suggestion is to divide your presentation either horizontally or vertically into three or four sections, and place materials within those sections. We recommend you to use illustrations, schemas and graphics so that your presentation can be more attractive.


Poster Session 1 - Thursday 23 - 15,00 - 19,00

  • Sustainable economic development and global crisis - Irina Gogorishvili (Tbilisi State University, Georgia);

  • How to measure sustainable growth and development in the business world: Connecting corporate performance to public goods usage - Roland Bardy (Florida Gulf University, USA) & Maurizio Massaro (University of Udine, Italy)

  • The Application of Supply Chain Principles to Knowledge Transfer and Sustainable Development - Parminder Singh Sahota (Nexus Aid CIC, UK), Mark Lemon (De Montfort University, UK), Maurizio Sajeva (MTT –Agrifood Research, Finland);

  • Establishing systems-based Evolutionary Learning Laboratories for Labor Saving Innovations for Women Smallholder Farmers - Ockie Bosch & Nam Nguyen (University of Adelaide, Australia);

  • Linking Green Competencies with Sustainability - Ya Hui Ling (I-Shou University, Taiwan, R.O.C.);

  • Sustainability, local development and Italian thermal destinations - Marco Brogna & Francesco Maria Olivieri (Sapienza University of Rome and Universitas Mercatorum, Italy);

  • The Nature of Service and the Service of Nature. Using Luhmann’s System Theory for an Integrating Perspective - Helge Löbler (Universität Leipzig, Germany);

  • Precision Farming Enhances the Sustainability of Dairy Sector if Assisted by Farmer Education - Alberto Stanislao Atzori (University of Sassari, Italy), Luis Orlindo Tedeschi (Texas A&M University, USA), Stefano Armenia (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy).


Poster Session 2 - Friday 24 - 10,00  - 13,00

  • Analizing the place boundaries using the Service Science paradigm - Luca Carrubbo, Roberto Bruni, Emanuela Antonucci (University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Italy);

  • Mental Models of Corporate Sustainability: Systemic Sustainability Research Based on Qualitative-Empirical Content Analysis. The BASF Case Study - Stefan Hielscher & Matthias G. Will (Martin-Luther-University, Germany);

  • Risks of cultural incompatibility and conflict management in Italian-Russian partnerships - Maria Menshikova (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy);

  • Network and Knowledge Value in the Manufacturing Industry. Brainport Industries Case Study - Federica Giordani (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy);

  • The impact of national culture on decision making style of Croatian and German managers - Najla Podrug (Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb, Croatia), Ivona Vrdoljak Ragu˛ (University of Dubrovnik, Croatia), Matea Kovač (Independent scholar, Croatia);

  • Country of origin effect of European Companies in the young Argentinians context - Giancarlo Scozzese (University for Foreigners of Perugia, Italy) & Roberto Bruni (University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Italy);

  • Classification problem: Naļve Bayes Classifier versus Artificial Neural Networks Classifier - Ivan Belik & Jonas Andersson (Norwegian School of Economics, Norway);

  • Trade Protectionism as the Reflection of the Crisis of World Economic System - Nino Papachashvili (Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Georgia).


Poster Session 3 - Friday 24 - 15,00  - 19,00

  • Augmenting tourist experience with mobile wallet and NFC technology - Federica Palumbo & Gandolfo Dominici (Business Systems Laboratory, Italy);

  • Introducing the methods of protection against hostile takeovers in order to achieve  stable work of enterprises in the world market for corporate control - Borys Moskvin (Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University, Ukraine);

  • Complex Systems: Computational Modeling and Model Validation for Decision Making - Carlo Drago (University of Naples Federico II, Italy);

  • Cooperative banks and reactions to the crisis: organizational models, governance, strategies - Massimo Arnone (University of Messina, Italy), Silvio Goglio, Ivana Catturani (University of Trento, Italy);

  • Methods for evaluating unidentifiable intangible assets of a high-technology business - Josef Sedlar, Andrey Zaytsev, Alexander Zaytsev (Hartmann-Rico, a.s., Czech Republic; Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and Moscow State University of Design and Technology, Russia);

  • Recognising influences on attitudes to knowledge sharing in a research establishment: an interpretivist investigation - Penny Hart (University of Portsmouth, UK);

  • Kybernetes' Values and Sustainable Leadership. Gandolfo Dominici & Federica Palumbo (Business Systems Laboratory, Italy);

  • Water scarcity on irrigated landscapes: a dynamic approach for the Entre Ribeiros Basin in Southeast Brazil - John Santos, Lindomar Daniel, Dźnis Cunha (Universite of Viēosa, Brazil).