Via Appia Pignatelli 62, 00178 Roma, Italy

Panel Track

The Viable Firm: Consonance, Value And Sustainability

Track Chair:


 Portsmouth University (United Kingdom)


This track will seek presentations by theoreticians and practitioners that offer leading edge systemic thinking, and show how it can contribute towards the improvement of the management of the firm.  The track aims to focus on the process of creation and development of firms' networks,  the achievement of consonance (i.e shared codes of communication) among the various agents in the environment and the development of sustainability networks.

Hence the main research areas for this track will be: firm management, information systems, network analysis, sustainability networks.



Friday 24 - Room "Appia" - 14,30 - 19,00

  • Sustainable Systems Management in Distributed Business Ecosystems - André Reichel (Zeppelin Universität, Germany);

  • Words and worlds: Corporate Sustainability between the academic and business perspectives - Loredana Volpe, Gaetano Maria Golinelli, Gianluca Vagnani (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy);

  • Sustainable development and sustainability of the business systems. Model of corporate systemogenesis. The path towards System thinking in management - Olga Tikhomirova (Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, Russia);

  • The Viable Systems Approach (vSa) and its contribution to the analysis of sustainable business behaviors - Francesca Iandolo, Sergio Barile, Mario Calabrese (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy);

  • Towards a Method for Discovering Well Founded Systems for Management and Sustainability - Luca Pazzi (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy);

  • Managing complexity: from systems thinking to collective intelligence - Aelita Skaržauskienė (Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania);

  • Leveraging complex network analysis to improve consonance in firms' networks - Carlo Drago (University of Naples Federico II, Italy) & Giovanni Paolo Sellitto (Independent scholar, Italy);

  • Assessing Long Term Effects of Marketing Mix Policies. A System Dynamics Approach - Nastaran Hajiheydari & Seyed Behnam Khakbaz (University of Tehran, Iran).