Via Appia Pignatelli 62, 00178 Roma, Italy

Panel Track

Evaluating Sustainable Development

In collaboration with the:

Thematic Working Group on Evaluating Sustainable Development of the European Evaluation Society


Track Chair:

Andrč Martinuzzi

Research Institute for Managing Sustainability, Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria)


This track will bring together researchers and practitioners to share their experiences and gain greater insight into the prospects and challenges of using systems thinking in sustainable development evaluations.



The guiding vision of sustainable development poses several challenges to researchers, evaluators and client organizations:

  • the focus on future generations requires evaluation methods with a comparably long time horizon;

  • the principle of public participation requires evaluation methods and processes which can accommodate involvement, empowerment and learning of a wide range of stakeholders;

  • the holistic principle requires sound aggregation and valuation methods to achieve a well-balanced assessment of environmental, economic and societal impacts and their trade-offs;

  • the global perspective requires tracking of long lived and systemic effects.

While the US-based debate puts a special emphasis on evaluation approaches, methods and tools (Stufflebeam 2001), the European discussion on sustainability evaluations focuses mostly on content related issues and general principles of sustainable development (Martinuzzi 2011).

One issue that could bridge both communities is systems thinking: in the evaluation community systems thinking became an important approach to overcome over-simplified intervention logics and to increase the chances for implementing evaluation results (Hargreaves & Podems 2012).

In the debate about sustainable development systems thinking highlights bounded rationality, limited certainty, limited predictability, indeterminate causality, and evolutionary change (Hjorth & Bagheri, 2006).



Friday 24 - Room "Master" - 14,30 - 19,00

  • Linking the debates about Sustainable Development, Evaluation and Systems Thinking - Andrč Martinuzzi (Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria);

  • A benchmarking model for sustainable tourist destinations - Giuseppe Tardivo, Angela Scilla, Milena Viassone (University of Turin, Italy);

  • Sustainable enterprise excellence systems: The SEER2 strategy & performance model - Rick Edgeman (Aarhus University, Denmark);

  • Is environmental certification useful to evaluate sustainable development? - Nicolň Passeri, Barbara Pancino, Silvio Franco (University of Tuscia, Italy);

  • New Method to address Sustainable Development in Theory Based Evaluations – Systemic Constellations - Ursula Kopp (Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria);

  • Real options as sustainable business evaluation method in the biotech and med-tech industry. A qualitative and empirical approach - Giacomo Büchi, Cecilia Casalegno (University of Turin, Italy), Fabrizio Conicella, Audey Dayon (Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero SpA, Italy), Michela Pellicelli (University of Pavia, Italy), Roberto Schiesari (University of Turin, Italy);

  • Measuring corporate social responsibility performance: balanced and dynamic rating system - Elena Escrig-Olmedo, María Jesús Muńoz-Torres, María Ángeles Fernández-Izquierdo, Juana María Rivera-Lirio (University Jaume I, Spain);

  • Water Basin Policy Ex-ante Assessment: Methodology of Achieving Cost-effective Solutions in Pollution Reduction Plans - Petr Šauer, Petr Fiala, Antonín Dvořák (University of Economics Prague, Czech Republic);

  • A systemic method for evaluating how sustainable is the development of a country or a region - Francisco Aceves, Rolando Jimenez, J. Antonio Urbano (IPN, Mexico);

  • 21st Century Malls & Sůqs: Towards a Resilient Future - Fodil Fadli (Qatar University, Qatar).