panel social systems

Via Appia Pignatelli 62, 00178 Roma, Italy

Panel Track

Advancements in Systems Thinking.

The path towards Sustainable Social Systems

Track Chair:

Maurice Yolles

Centre for the Creation of Coherent Change & Knowledge (United Kingdom)



This track will seek presentations by theoreticians and practitioners that offer leading edge systemic thinking, and show how it can contribute towards the improvement of international problem issues that illustrate the poor evolutionary condition of social being.

Application areas should embrace any area of social need especially where the disadvantaged are in some way sacrificed, but some problem areas that do need to be addressed include human trafficking, corruption and political or economic despotism. Thematic areas of application should be identified and the nature of the sustainability indicated.



Friday 24 - Room "Cecilia"- 9,00 - 13,30

  • Giving Sustainability a Chance: a Participatory Framework for Choosing between Alternative Futures - Maurizio Sajeva (De Montfort University, UK), Parminder Singh Sahota (Nexus Aid, UK), Mark Lemon (De Montfort University, UK);

  • Systems Thinking. Models to implement sustainable growth and shared value creation - Piero Mella & Michela Pellicelli (University of Pavia, Italy);

  • The Systemic Dimension of Sustainable Development in Developing Countries - Roland Bardy, Arthur Rubens (Florida Gulf Coast University, USA), Maurizio Massaro (University of Udine, Italy);

  • Socio Cybernetics and Sustainability - John Raven (Independent scholar, UK).

  • The Organizational Change. The PSC Model View - Piero Mella & Carlotta Meo Colombo (University of Pavia, Italy);

  • "Be excellent and do more with less": A paradox behind job burnout threatening organizational sustainability - Solveig Beyza Evenstad (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France);

  • Sustainability in a society of organizations - Karin Holmblad Brunsson (Uppsala University, Sweden);

  • Policy Modeling as a new area for research: perspectives for a Systems Thinking and System Dynamics approach? - Stefano Armenia, Camillo Carlini, Riccardo Onori, Alessandro Pietro Saullo (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy);

  • Complexity and Community Resilience: Exploring collaboration, social entrepreneurship and Social Value Auditing through gaming - Stephen Dobson, Arun Sukumar, Rory Ridley-Duff, Chris Roast, Ben Abell (Sheffield Hallam University, UK);

  • Organizational Sustainability Management Model: an approach to Structural Equation Modeling - Bárbara Galleli (University of São Paulo, Brazil), Luciano Munck (University of Western Ontario, Canada), Luis Eduardo Pilli, José Afonso Mazzon (University of São Paulo, Brazil).