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The Business Systems Laboratory International Symposium aims to address the global economic and social challenges of our times by a systemic perspective.

Systems Thinking sheds the light to the several interactions between natural social and economic systems. Being aware of these interactions provides a better understanding of the principles that can help to solve some of today's most pressing social and economic issues.

In particular the Symposium focuses on the epistemological, theoretical, methodological, technical and practical contributions that can represent advancements in the theory and practice of Business Management to address the present and future challenges in  the global economic and social scenarios . 

While focusing on the Systemic perspective the Symposium is also open to all the scientific approaches in order to foster constructive debates and confrontations to create new perspective of research and practice in the field of business.

The criticalities and the opportunities of our times are faced according to the cutting edge research and practice in social science. This multidisciplinary perspective includes: management, economics, engineering and sociology.

Each track is linked (but not exclusively) to a special issue about a coherent theme on a peer-reviewed journal .

The language of the symposium is English.

The Symposium will be structured in  panels, workshops and poster sessions.

The Symposium will start on Wednesday January 21 at 13,30 pm and end on Friday January 23 at 13,00 pm.