8th Business Systems Laboratory
International Symposium






Salvatore Tomaselli
Professor of Business Administration, Universityof Palermo, Italy
Salvatore Cincimino
Professor of Business Administration, Universityof Palermo, Italy


This track calls for both technical and practical contributions that can represent advancements in the theory and practice for SMEs management and innovation strategies.

The dynamics faced by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) bring forward a wide spectrum of challenges in terms of both tangible and intangible organizational assets. Being placed at the crossroads of survival and growth strategic approaches, SMEs are forced to leverage their internal resources to an unprecedented great extent and to capitalize all the environmental opportunities whenever they may be seized.

At a time when financial problems persist, we need to foster real economy  to underpin the recovery of economic growth. To this aim it is pivotal to find new ways to strengthen the innovation management capacity for SMEs and to increase their value for stakeholders by enhancing company-centric and market-driven approaches. Therefore business research needs to find new tools able to better fit the  needs of internationally oriented SMEs that can help them to implement high-risk and high-potential innovation ideas.  SMEs must find new ways to think and act towards changes in how production, processes, services and marketing is managed at the international level.  Among SMEs, family firms contribute significantly to improved living standards, and create a significant level of social, human and financial capital.   

Starting from these considerations, tthis tracks calls for (but is not limited to)  contributions on the following topics:   

  • SMEs challenges  

  • Marketing strategies for SMEs competitiveness 

  • Innovation strategies for SMEs growth 

  •  Opportunities and risks for SMEs growth 

  • The relationship between intellectual capital and SMEs competitiveness in different fields 

  • Knowledge management strategies for SMEs

  • SMEs as learning organizations 

  • The influence of digital / technological competence for SMEs competitive advantage