Federico II

5th Business Systems Laboratory
International Symposium

Cocreating Responsible Futures in the Digital Age:

Exploring new paths towards economic, social and environmental Sustainability


January 22-24, 2018
UniversitÓ di Napoli "Federico II

via Partenope, 36 - Napoli, Italy



systemic contributions to rethinking Education for the 21th century



Alfonso Reyes
Dean of Engineering School
Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

This TRACK focuses on examining from a systemic stance the role of education in today┤s fragmented and post-fact world.

Specifically, it addresses the following questions:  

1.   What is the purpose of today┤s  Education System?

2.     What is the main role of the teacher in that system?

3.     What are the most suitable learning methodologies?

4.     What is an appropriate use of technology in Education?

5.     What is the relevance of research in Universities?

6.     What should be the organizational structure of universities in this century?

7.     How can we have a free and still viable Education System?

Topics include (but are not limited to):

- Disruptive pedagogies and technologies in  Education;

- Alternatives for Re-structuring Education;

- Community Based Research in Education;

- Social Responsibility of Universities;

- New organizational forms and experiences for Education at the local, regional and global levels.